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Spiritual Diet

Updated: May 15

The spiritual diet includes not just what you eat, but all things you put into your body. This has been a particular challenge to me – I liked to smoke and drink. I still do drink sometimes but only in a very limited moderation and it’s usually wine. After all I’m not in college anymore, and I’m not trying to hide from anything anymore (see my soul contract post).

We’ll start with food. It’s very simple for some, and not so simple for others. Eat mostly whole foods, fruits, vegetables, fish, and limited amounts of red meat and poultry. Personally, I do not think pork is a very clean option and it’s not religious situation at all, its just what my body and guides tell me. So, once you’ve been on a diet that is actually good for you, your body WILL be upset when you add in other stuff like super processed boxed foods, for example. I love steak, I’m not knocking on red meat. I think there is value in eating for your blood type since your blood chemicals are what break down foods. However, it does weigh you down and add to inflammation. BUT, it is a great source of protein especially if you are struggling to get protein into your diet.

Spiritual Diet Example

Tuna is my saving grace. I love tuna. I love it the most of all fish because it doesn’t have a fishy taste. It tastes like red meat. It tastes like glorious protein that we need 40 grams of a day to function.

The most important thing is what you cook your food in. Check your cooking oils. The best thing to do is make sure you aren’t cooking with oil that is high in saturated or transfats! I use olive oil every single day.

Some people may roll their eyes at the fruit and vegetables thing. However, it is important to realize that some of these friends are different than their cousins. For instance, a lot of fruits carry a lot of sugar, not great for some people, but great for others that are mostly active and have to work very hard out-doors and in the heat. They provide water, and carbohydrates that are good for the body under harsh conditions and heat. Where-as some vegetables (like beans) are heavy in proteins and fats, are harder for some to break down in their bodies and will be hard for some people, especially less active people to digest and pass through their systems which build up and make them heavy people. The best vegetable friends to all people are greens. That doesn’t mean you have to eat and live off salads. But they are an amazing option for lunch, or dinner. You dress a salad up to be anything you want. Add hard boiled eggs, turkey or chicken, green peppers, jalapenos, bean sprouts, any veggies you want. Make them Asian, or spicy or anything (like my favorite some lettuce with avocados, onion, eggs, jalapenos, bean sprouts, and a sprinkle of cheese with ranch dressing) literally limitless options. THEN add the spices and sauces or rice or pasta!

Spices are your best friends. They don’t add calories or fats or anything you have to track or even care about aside from sodium. You can make anything healthy into an extraordinary plate of food. Just add your favorite spices and as much as you want. I load my salads down with garlic, Himalayan salts, pepper, dill, onion powders, anything you have that you love. That’s what matters. Eat the flavors that you love.

Eat your colors! Eat the most colorful diet you can. This helps heal individual chakra systems within your body and field. Light therapy has been something that is going main stream now for some years. However, people have forgotten the easiest way to provide color therapy, which is through food. Each color corresponds to a different chakra, and while one might be fine, another could be completely blocked creating a stagnation in energy in that certain "pool".

Eating a spiritual diet doesn’t mean pure discipline. It means listening to your body when it calls for something it needs. It means not obeying the ego and going after the option close by that has a ton of sugar. ESPECIALLY those awful coffee drinks that the businesses on every corner offer. You will never have a healthy, meaningful diet while drinking a 700+ calorie coffee every day. Stop telling yourself that it’s a comfort or pleasure, and realize it is poison that a corporation got you addicted to for a huge company’s benefit. Refined sugar causes cancer and Alzheimer’s which then profits big pharma. This includes soda, little snack foods and everything.

Your glandular systems, in my guided opinion, are very important and are affected by sugars and hormones produced by these negative foods. Your pineal gland, which is your gland that most associates with your third eye, is highly blocked by what is available on the commercial food market. Whole foods are best. Don’t let your inner knowing be cut off because you are being lazy with your food because someone told you it’s okay.

It’s not okay. It’s the farthest thing from okay. You want to make informed decisions from your guides based on healthy food intakes with the least amount of chemicals involved.

After food look out for the things you brain takes in, like the media, video games that keep you from being productive or self-sufficient, or self-guided, or the unkind word of others. Look out for the religious people seeking to control you and your family. Look out for the companies that benefit from the little money you get saying “its worth it! or subscribe with a monthly payment”. Don’t let your precious resources (money) be taken away because other people are greedy. Ask yourself “how do these people benefit from me or my family”? Ask yourself how they make their money. Is it that they spend the least by charging you the most?

Also don't let the agendas of others affect what you take into your mind or body. Especially those campaigns calling every body type healthy. Thats untrue. There is a huge agenda behind keeping people sick, which leads to soaring pharamaceutical needs and prices. The US system is one giant example. They perpetuate "beauty" as over-weight women calling them "queens", when in fact they only seek to keep people stationary on the couch or behind a computer screen. You need movement, and sun light. The sun literally accelerates the way your DNA advances. A lack of sunlight causes depression and other diseases. Again, keeping you in a bad health cycle to make money for other people.

The world wants to take advantage of you, don’t let them.

Take in real, whole, foods, eliminate drugs if you can especially anything chemical laden. Avoid alcohol. Your skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs everything including chemicals in your detergents. Try not to let your skin absorb chemicals like those found in common lotions. Use all natural ingredients like 100% shea butter or oils. Mind what you read and watch and question everything especially if you have children. Watch who is trying to get your money and ask how things benefit them and not you.

<3 Tori Rae

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