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Spiritual Hygiene and Cleansing

Practicing spiritual hygiene or cleansing is one of the most important things we are never taught. You are very much affected by all of the energies around you most of the time without your knowledge (or being conscious of it). We’re going to start with communication energy signals and then move into more spiritual matters.

People who were born after the internet took over the world are even less cognizant of the changes the devices and energy have had on their bodies and on their minds.

For example, the wifi and cell phone waves are energy signals and frequencies, that’s how everything works and communicates. Because our bodies and minds are receptive to energy waves and frequencies (like sound waves you use to hear, light waves your eyes use to see, vibes you feel) we pick up on all of these other energy waves put out there for communication. However, your body cannot distinguish good or useful waves from the bad ones most of the time. This is why a lot of people all around the planet feel incredibly overwhelmed or anxious and have no idea why. You can notice the particularly well (from my experience) when you leave a concert. Think of all the energy that just bombarded your system. Tons of sound and light hitting your body all at once. Now think of all the hundreds or thousands of people you were just very close to. That’s a lot of energy from a lot of different places. All of these things have now affected your system. Your energy is in chaos because it is trying to sort out its own frequencies and communication from all of the residual energy left on you from that event. This is often why people feel so much better leaving mass meditation events.

This is why spiritual hygiene is wildly important. I did not do this when I was in my concert days, because I had no idea. I often time felt sick or incredibly drained for days. Similar to traveling, especially in airports for the same reasons. I don’t even like going to concerts for this very reason now. I do not like feeling drained and I do not want anyone else’s yucky energy tainting mine.

One of the best hygiene practices you can have is deciding who is around you. This is a way to control what is going to affect your body. This is important on other levels, but I will keep it short here. Simply, you do not want people tainting your physical, emotional, or spiritual bodies. You don’t want their residue on you most of the time. A LOT of people carry attachments like bad or dark entities that feed off of their energy. This is what makes you feel bad when you are around them and suddenly you feel better when they are gone. If you know people like that, stay away from them as much as possible. I’m not saying haze them or hurt their feelings, but if they don’t get it and are a miserable, jealous, or hateful person, just remove yourself.

If you simply can’t remove yourself, which was a problem for me growing up with certain adults in my life, you ask God or gods that you feel close with (like Jesus, Mother Mary, Quan Yin or Buddha for example) to remove any unwanted energy from you throughout out the day or when you feel it. This is important as these beings are here to HELP. They are not simply around to be worshipped or to be stared at in a statue or their picture on a wall. They are here for you, and desperately want to help you. But, you have to ask for it. They will not intervene without you asking. This is the best practice, to ask for cleansing. You will notice yourself feel lighter when you do this regularly. They will sweep more and more away each time, especially when you feel grateful or have gratitude for them working with you.

The second most powerful way (my guides are saying) is to ask your higher-self to keep cleansing you throughout the day and night. Ask for it while you are sleeping. You might notice you begin to sleep better and have better dreams. I’ve noticed it is much easier to wake up in the morning now. The tainted bad energy sits within your body and invades your cells, especially in your brain.

My favorite is asking the water in your life to cleanse you. Pray over your food and water and ask it to expel any trapped energy that doesn’t belong. Have intention in the shower while bathing or swimming and ask the water to cleanse you while you are there. Let this time wash away everything including your own energy that is not serving your highest self. This includes shame, guilt, sadness, and especially feeling like a victim (even if you are one). These energies attract bad or dark entities to you. When you are feeling these things you are dropping your personal power. Dropping your power allows bad things to come and take more of it because you are weakening yourself.

The easiest way to remember to do these practices (for a lot of people not all), is to create a routine. Some call these rituals and that’s why that word is so well known. People have been doing “rituals” for thousands of years. I personally don’t like that word because it sounds witchy. So I prefer to call it a practice. Anyways, you can make any practice that you want that works for you, like during your morning shower, you start the day by asking God and the water to cleanse you at the same time. Then you add things like if you eat breakfast you pray over your food to whomever you like and ask them to bless your food and water. Then enjoy it. It’s that simple. It doesn’t need to be religious if you don’t want. You can talk to whoever you want out loud or in your head.

Finally, ask whoever you want, the most loved and powerful being you choose, to remove any implants. Implants are inserted into your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies through TV, media, video games, the internet, bad memories, and people with attachments like dark entities. They are like a spiritual splinter, like a sliver of dark energy in your body that’s uncomfortable but you may not be aware of. If you are very sensitive to energy you can ask beings of light to show you an implant and it will often times be revealed to you through a pain sensation. You then focus on the spot and know that your God or gods are removing it and transmuting the energy into light and that you will be relieved of this. Some may take more time than others. Do not focus on the bad or where it came from. Sometimes you will just “know” other times they won’t tell you and it doesn’t matter. Only focus on knowing it is turning to light and it is leaving you.

It's very easy to do spiritual hygiene and you will think of other ways throughout your day to incorporate it. When you start to notice yourself feeling lighter, problems going away that you never seemed to be able to get rid of, and your life turning around because you are removing bad energy it will be even easier. If you are comfortable talking with your children about this, then it is never to early or too late to start!

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