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The Mystical Garden

Updated: May 15

“Keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck. And fall in love whenever possible.” Oh my God Practical Magic was like the best movie ever growing up. However, I had no idea at the time why I was so drawn to it. Because there was truth there, in the very essence of that movie. After learning more about myself and what was going on in the psychic / medium world of things, I rewatched it as an adult and had more of those Oh-shit moments. The words Sally Owens says in the closing lines in that movie are not only true, but its age-old magical wisdom. It just struck me and has left me on a quest to find more ways to make mine and other people’s homes magical, protected and cozy. If you live in a super contemporary clean cut, no foliage type house, then move on along. This is for the people who want to feel that warmth of Christmas and joy in their house every day.


If you have a love of fresh vegetables from your own garden like I do, you may already know this trick: plant lots of beautiful flowers on the perimeter and in the isle ways when possible. This will keep the bugs off of your produce so that you have plenty of food for yourself and to share with friends and family that can’t grow anything easily. The flowers not only act as a bug deterrent and bait, the raise the natural vibration of your garden space. Flowers emit high frequency vibrations that are healthy for you, and the flora and fauna living in close proximity. Flowering plants are used as gifts and get well presents for a reason. They really do help you to get well by interacting with your body’s electromagnetic field. Aroma plays an important role in activating receptors in your body that trigger memory, and the feel-good chemicals throughout your brain. This all makes flowers not only beautiful but, healthy for your environment, body, mind and souls healthy vibration.

Roses are actually the highest vibrational flower in the world. It’s the most sought after in terms of showing affection, love, sympathy, and mourning. But most importantly it is one of the main symbols of Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus, and is also attributed to Mother Mary. Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Jesus were students of sacred teachings and is now in death an Ascended Master helping the earth to raise consciousness. The rose is brought up in many cultures around the world for being revered for its beauty and amazing feelings they can cause people to have. I hope to have my own rose garden one day with many different types to help elevate my garden game. It’s funny because throughout my journey I have realized every single rental I have lived in and really any house before that had rose bushes.

Basil also called “the witches’ herb” is another important plant to have nearby. First off, its Effing delicious. I use a ton of it in my homemade Spaghetti sauce. Like a full-on handful of it. Second it smells amazing and deters spiders and other creepy bugs I don’t care for. Ancient people believe it has magical love properties, that it’s smell is a love potion in itself. Maybe that’s how women have been trapping men with cooking for like ever… But really, it’s also noted to be a bringer of abundance of wealth and prosperity, this could be both financial and spiritual things. Depending on the kind of abundance you are looking for, I’m pretty strongly guided to say that you should have that intention when planting this is your sacred little garden, or kitchen or whatever.

Blackberry plants are also another great protection plant. Its vibrtion is said to ward off dark energy and be used to attract more abundance. Also it can be made into delightful dessert items said to bring success in business or professional enterprises. They also just look cool and have a potent magical aura.

Catnip not only gets your cat high, it brings you closer to the higher angelic realms. Not all of the spirit realms are in the same “place” so to speak. They are located at different vibrational frequencies. This is also a protectionary plant, and along with making your cat happy its said to be able to bring the cat closer to you on a psychic level and was used by the ancient Egyptians. Hence they totally got their cats high as a stimulant and relaxing agent.

Lavender is mostly known in the way of love and calm. Just about every commercial soap known to man has a lavender scent option. This is for good reason, It is so powerful its one of the few plants that had not been forgot by the age of big box store shopping. Lavender is for luck, love and magic. Que Ace of Base “Lucky at Love”, when planting this guy.

Rosemary by your garden gate is in my sense due to the fact that it can be traded out for another plant if its not available. This friend helps with dreams and helpful in realizing the presence of your twin flame. Which is wayyy better than your soul mate. Also use with Thyme to increase the effects of your intended purpose.

In the future I will dive further into plant options for more specific purposes. These happened to be what I felt guided to tell you about at this time. Most importantly planting intended flora around you house is very beneficial to you and your immediate environment which is a direct extension of your auric field. Everything that enters your field can affect you good or bad, especially when you aren’t trained to be on alert at all times. Honestly, who can be on top of everything 24/7? Becoming coherent with the earth around you will help to ground and purify your spirit while helping mother earth. The energy exchange is real. Harvest when you can, and plant as often as possible and these new habits will be used for a lifetime and can be passed on to your loved ones. Sit with your plants and try to release any problems that you may be unintentionally holding in. They are there to help!

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