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The Tori Gateway - My Soul Mission

Updated: May 15

Since I was a kid, I always felt like I had a weird name. I knew something was different about it, aside from never finding it on any tourist gifts literally anywhere. It irritated me to no end that people spelled it differently every time some-one wrote my name or tried to call me "Victoria". However, mom always said that her and my dad had been completely obsessed with the name, that even if I were a boy, they would name me Tori and just spell it differently. It wasn't until I was an adult that we had google and we all started looking up our "name meanings" that figured out why my parents were hell bent one naming this.

I was kind of shocked at my mother's intuition at that point. Tori in Japanese spelled Torii, and it literally means spiritual gateway. They are the super pretty archways that can be placed in the most seemingly obscure locations. Only that's just the point. They aren't placed just anywhere or accidentally. They hold special places open for the spirit world to make a bridge into the physical world. They can be on a mountainside, deep in a dewy forest, or placed in bodies of water.

The Tori Gateway

At this point in my life, figuring this out, I knew I could communicate with the spirit world. Only I had no idea how far I could go with it. I thought I was just a medium. I knew that all mediums were psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. That still hold true. However, I did not know that only a hand full of people could really connect (or were at least willing to) with the cosmic energies of the universe.

This is my soul mission or life purpose. To help bring this knowledge back to everyday people. I am what I was named for. I bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. I have to assist the guides and Ascended Masters in enlightening people with the age-old truths. It vital that people understand they live in a fallen society. People are never supposed to live this way, in these dense, dark cities surrounded by concrete, being bombarded with energy from every source imaginable. There are billions of people living in depression, confusion, and turmoil, thinking that this is the best that life gets.

For some, living in these clusters is enamoring, but this usually only lasts for a time until they become burnt out and over stimulated. By this point they have accepted jobs and have built their finances around living in these giant metro areas and feel trapped. They long for peace and quiet so they over-pay for a glamour camping experience. They feel better for a time after their trip and go back the "the grind". This cycle continues until they either realize their pattern or they eventually die.

This is my mission - to help people break their patterns that are learned, programmed, or taught to them. It isn't fair that people continue to be forced into slavery in order to just survive. Our universe exists in a free will zone, meaning that we have the power to have free will of our own and should have the sovereignty to make our own life choices without being tethered to a company, stuck in traffic, or eating garbage food until they are too obese to do anything but live in front of a computer or television screen.

I didn't put much thought into my middle name since it was also my dad's middle name. It wasn't until I started with my super amazing mentor that we learned the significance of the name "Rae". It truly means ray of light. So being a gateway to the spiritual world as a cosmic ray of light I feel amazed at how well they did. My guides are always quick to use comical themes in my guidance. Because I wasn't allowed out much when I was a teenager, I was able to watch whatever I wanted, south park, Ace Ventura on repeat, literally anything as young as I wanted. An interesting side effect to this was I was able to use all of these things later in my readings and my guides every day advice to help people fully understand and see things in a simple or comical way. A good example of this is one of my jobs as an anchor of light here to earth. They would show me anchoring Metatron's platinum ray, with laughing from Thor (literally Chris Hemsworth calling everyone earthly beings that no nothing of space magic).

So, when you think of me think of Thor and the Byfrost: a funny, platinum ray of light connecting two worlds for the sake of protection and love.

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